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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: EXECUTE THE ZEALOTS; OUR LIVES CROSS   Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:10 am

Etzolix || April 30th || Metahuman

5' 10" || 177.8 cm || Slender


STR || 3
CON || 3
AFF || 9
RES || 3
DEX || 8
SPE || 8
STA || 8

As a prodigy in magic, Etzolix is proficient in 5 elements: Time, Space, Illusion, Ink, and Rose/Flower.  


|| Sixth Sense ||

The caster a sense of perception that exceeds natural limitation. He is able to perceive forces surrounding him within a full 360 degrees, whether magical or not. This sense is not dependent on his others for stability, but his magical affinity. The higher it is, the more range and accuracy this sense has, the lower it is and the less effective it becomes.

|| Auto-Alert ||

Knowing that he is more susceptible to magic, he created a counter magic enchantment in his psyche, which allows for him to know if any outside influences are affecting his mind. This enchantment works independently of him, working even if he is unconsciousness, using his own magics to counter these attacks. The magics against him are either dispelled or, if the magics prove resilient, he goes into a prolonged mental conflict.

|| Magical Perception ||

Using any of his senses, the caster can perceive and understand magic. Naturally, this defaults to his Sixth Sense, using both to achieve the most information available, however, he can channel this perception in to any of his other senses, allowing a more specific interpretation of the magics at work. He can also sense whether or not someone has a Heart, and what the elemental alignment that heart is closest to, if applicable.

|| Natural Enhancement ||

By giving up one of his other senses, he can dramatically increase the proficiency and power of another. However, despite the benefits, he is still left vulnerable. A sound too loud will be more likely to damage his hearing. As would a smell too strong damage his ability to smell.

|| Lesser Telekinesis ||

The caster is able to exert raw force with his mind, allowing him to mentally grab, hold, and move objects. Due to his proficiency with magic, he can exert more force with his mind than he can with his body. Unfortunately, this form of force exertion is not intended for damage, but for precision, dexterity, and control.

|| Personalized Gravity ||

The caster may walk on any surface as if he were walking flat on the floor, whether it be ceiling, wall, etc. He can also choose what cardinal direction is his 'down', which will affect him as if the world's gravity were pulling him in that direction. Other willing participants can be treated with this ability, if they're making contact with the caster.


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