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 Dom Vega

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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: Dom Vega   Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:19 am

Dominick Vega || Feb. 29th || Human

6' 2" || 175.26 cm || Athletic

[X] [X] [X]
[X] [X]


STR || 8
CON || 4
AFF || 5
RES || 4
DEX || 5
SPE || 8
STA || 8


Dom shows an affinity for simple magics (+3), opposed to complex magics (-3).


|| Go With Your Gut ||

Dominick has the ability to eat almost anything and perfectly metabolize it. His mouth, stomach, digestive tracks, and all appropriate parts allow him to eat things such as wood, rock, metal, plastic, and etc. with no ill affect to his body. These materials also give him energy and sustenance. Unfortunately, he still has to taste what he is eating, meaning he won't derive any joy from eating a rock other than the relief of hunger.

|| Accelerated Metabolism ||

While his accelerated metabolism which renders him resistant to weight gain, injury, illness, and accelerates his healing speed, Dominick needs to eat much more frequently than a normal human to keep up his energy. Otherwise, he can become groggy, irritated, and deals with starvation more quickly than the average human counterpart.  

|| You Are What You Eat ||

Dom has a specific pocket in his stomach, which he can move certain objects in order to change his body into their properties. For example, if he were to put a rock onto this pocket, his body would become the equivalent. The same is applicable of rubber, plastic, and other solid matter. Unfortunately, he has not yet learned to become liquid, gaseous, or plasma based matter. He is also limited to only taking the form of one state at a time, as well as needing to vomit in order to return back to his original form.

|| Chi Manipulation ||

Doms can manipulate his inner life force, sometimes even being able to connect it to the cosmic thread around him. Due to this, he can manipulate his body in a number of ways, enhancing his many physical aspects or even turning this life force into raw, destructive energies that can harm or help people and the environment. Some aspects of his manipulation even allow him to connect with nature around him, giving various supplemental detection abilities. However, most of these abilities require focus and are temporary.

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Dom Vega
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