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 ror lich

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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: ror lich   Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:25 am

[R]orschach, The Lich King


Rorschach is a 6' (182.88 cm) undead human, with an athletic build.  

He is proficient with Darkness, Time, Plant, and Earth.

Born on March fourth, Rorschach is twenty six years old.



Some people call him 'moody', or 'grumpy', or 'get away from my children, you freak, you goddamned freak'.

In truth, Rorschach is ill-tempered with strong, stubborn opinions. His home life heavily contributed to his general cynicism and misanthropic tendencies. Despite the incessant nagging of society, he refuses to obey the usual pieties of modern life.

His cunning and biting wit are trademarks of his antagonism, as he enjoys picking people apart and mocking their weaknesses, especially if agitated or annoyed. He cares not for the standard of respect typically attributed to the average citizen, only caring that he is recognized for his skill, not his bedside manner.

Unfortunately, more often than not, he is self-destructive. Rorschach will sacrifice personal relationships in search of truth, understanding people look at the worlds through personal lenses. He actively attempts to strip himself of those biases in order to obtain a clear, objective viewpoint.

The Lich does not believe in pretense, speaking his mind whenever he sees fit. It often appears as if he is actively instigating conflict.



Rorschach's household consisted of a neglectful father whom threw himself into his work, an obsessive compulsion to study the theoretical sciences he practiced, and an abusive, enabling mother whom wholeheartedly supported the father's work ethic.

While Rorschach cannot recall any particularly fond moments spent with his father, he does accept the neutral ground they were on, understanding his quest for knowledge, a path he would eventually tread himself.

On the other hand, opposed to he and his father's linear relation, his relationship with his mother held many peaks and valleys. Mainly valleys. Every mistake was often treated with unnecessarily harsh punishments in order to drive in the discipline and the work ethic his father exhibited. She saw Rorschach's prodigious intellect and didn't want his potential wasted. He was meant to be a successor, but his lethargic and self absorbed attitude often led to his shortcomings.

But, perhaps, she was correct. Eventually, her son would find himself making less mistakes (fixing them before they were noticed) and contributing more to the household due to this abuse.

In the beginning of his adolescent years, he found himself reaching for his father's attention, throwing himself into the work his father indulged. While they often never spoke, this did increase the time they spent together researching in his laboratory and library. During this time period, his mother was less abusive, however, Rorschach had not forgiven either of them for their actions or lack thereof.

For some reason or another, on one of the days he was researching without his father's supervision, a failed experiment had caused an explosion, causing his body to rip apart. Fortunately, the theoretical research involved dabbling in the role of god and theoretical unlife.

His father fled to the Underworld, in attempts to retrieve his son. And he was successful. Unfortunately Rorschach new, bastardized body found itself composed of various scraps, likely a representation of his psyche. The father's effort was for naught, as Rorschach had decided to reside in the realm of the dead, deciding that this new sentience would prove more interesting.

The first seed of curiosity had been sewn, if the afterlife was confirmed, what other truths existed? The spirit of the philosopher had overtaken him. And as life would have it, he too would become neglectful of his family in pursuit of obsession.
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ror lich
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