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 brown rot

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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: brown rot   Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:28 am


Maggot Brain

-The user requires no sleep or sustenance.
-The progression of time does not deteriorate the user's body.
-Immunity from abilities that target living or functioning body parts (i.e spells that target the nervous system are ineffective, while spells that burn flesh are unhindered).
-The user's cool down time to fully restore magic once depleted is permanently reduced by 4 posts.

-The user is inversely affected by cure spells, buffs, and debuffs.
-The user is incapable of naturally regenerating their body.
-The user is incapable of receiving magic from any external sources, players and items alike.
-Time reversal cannot reverse Lichdom, nor remove knowledge and/or experiences gained post-transformation.


Commune With Un-Life

The user has the ability to communicate with the dead (bodies, ghosts, etc) and inanimate objects, by temporary recalling or animating the soul. By doing so, the user is able to speak to them and gain their perspective. Alternatively, the user can experience their lives firsthand, through their perspective. However, the user can only use either per activation. The user must initiate contact for the ability to activate.

The ability's cool-down time is X, where X is the amount of posts the ability was used. Aside this, he has a general, passive empathy and form of communication with the undead.


The user has the ability to manipulate their biology. They are able to induce appearance alteration, temporarily restore previous functions of the body, manipulate pheromones, and create products not naturally found their respective bodies (i.e chemicals that allow the user to glow in the dark, or acid production).

However, they cannot make drastic changes to their inherit physiology, such as limb creation or restoration. The can only be used 3 times per post. If an ability is held over from a previous post, then it is considered a usage.


The user has the ability to make an immediate effect act as a non-immediate effect or as a delayed effect. The user has the ability to make a non-immediate effect act as an immediate affect or as a delayed effect. The user has the ability to make a delayed effect act as an immediate effect or a non-immediate effect.

If an immediate effect is delayed, it activates 5 posts after it was cast. If an non-immediate effect is delayed, all effects activate on the final post. If a delayed effect is made non-immediate, it works over the course of 5 posts.

An immediate effect is an effect that activates when cast.
Big ball of energy goes boom right away.

A non-immediate is an effect that works over time.
Big ball of energy hits you, but deals damage over time.

A delayed effect is an effect that activates posts after it is cast.
Big ball of energy hits you, but nothing happens until 5 posts later.

The user must note the augmentation prior to casting. This ability does not affect the user's non-magical abilities. Due to typically having the additional cost of MP expenditure, there is no cool-down time, however, he cannot augment the same spell twice until the first casting has run its course.

Astral Projection

The user can separate their spirit from the body by entering a trance, gaining access of travel to the Astral Plane. This allows them to travel to other worlds without their physical body, however, they cannot physically interact with the worlds around them. If the projection is purposely targeted and damaged with magic, the connection to the world will be severed, causing the user to awake in their body, wherever it may be.

If the connection is severed, they cannot reconnect to the world for another 7 posts.

Corridors of Darkness

The user is able to create Corridors of Darkness that they can use to travel between worlds. Aesthetically, the user and any other passengers seem to disperse into sand.


Immortal Perception

With all natural functions of the body impotent, the user has mimicked abilities through supernatural forces.  They are located in the same areas as his physical counterparts. However, they are not physically impeded by lack of information, nor the excess. The user is not blinded by darkness, nor by excessive brightness. The same is applicable of all remaining senses.

Additionally, the user can perceive, identify, and differentiate magic, elements, and species through any and all perceptions at their disposal. Any magical effects specifically targeting his senses are unhindered by this ability.

Motown Bonegang

The user creates low leveled, humanoid, skeletal constructs, which are present until destroyed. They are lightly covered in self-sustaining acid. The user cannot create more than 12 skeletons per casting. The cool-down time is X, where X is the number of skeletons created. These skeletons are considered Undead, which leaves them subject to the same stipulation of the user's Base Ability.

Seismic Sense

The user is able to pick up even the slightest vibrations through physical contact with the ground, enabling them to perceive their surroundings as precisely as normal sight. Users are able to sense the structure and materials of solid substances, including the presence of caves, material changes, structural weaknesses, etc.

Non-Undead Re-Degeneration

The user has the ability to forcefully regenerate their body. They have to actively initiate this procedure, as unlike the living, they do not naturally regenerate. Over the course of 4 posts the regenerates their body to an almost-living state.

The ability has a 6 post cool-down time.


Gravestone Platemail

A permanent, severe increase to the Endurance attribute. There are no physical changes outside of the Base Ability.

Deja Vu

A permanent, severe increase to the Endurance attribute. There are no physical changes outside of the Base Ability.

Pit Fiend Hoedown

With the user as the focal point, a pulse travels outward at an extraordinary speed, marking anyone to get caught within its radius as an Undead. The Undead marker causes the afflicted to be inversely affected by cure spells, buffs, and debuffs (including preexisting conditions). If a target is already an Undead or marked for such, this ability has no effect.

The pulse travels 60 meters, 120 meters, or 180 meters. For every 60 meters of travel, there is a 5 post cool-down. For every 5 posts of cool-down, the ability lasts 3 posts.


Carrion Bone-Picking

The user can control create and control bones within their body, forming constructs, changing it into various physical states, and altering properties, including color, density, texture and flammability. This also allows  production of the appropriate material necessary. Any bones created can act as catalyst for the user's magic.

Look, Ma, No Hands

The user has the ability to use white, ghostly tethers from their body to interact with them or the world around them. Not only can they touch the tangible, but they, as well as any items they are holding, can touch the intangible. The user can create up to 12 of these tendrils, each of which can extend up to 24 feet. The tendrils can also act as catalysts for the user's magic, abilities, and skills when appropriate.


Avatar of Earth

The user has the ability to manipulate Earth and all of its forms and subsets (i.e sand, dust, dirt, etc.) within a 500 meter radius.

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brown rot
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