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 warlock manifesto

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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: warlock manifesto   Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:29 am


Accumulative Upkeep

Each time the user's MP replenishes after being completely depleted, their base MP is increased by 50 MP for the remainder of the topic (i.e 500, 550, 600).


Prodigious Intellect

Increases maximum MP by 25.

Natural Instinct

Increases users maximum DP by 1


If applicable, the user can cast the same spell, construct, summon, and skill multiple times, simultaneously. The spell, construct, or skill do not have to originate from the same catalyst. This does not impede any costs. The user can only affect one spell per post and can only affect the targeted spell twice.

3 post cool-down.


By paying only half the MP, the user can reduce the effects of a spell or construct they cast by 50%. By paying 1.5 the MP, rounding down to the nearest 5, they can increase the effects of a spell or construct by 50%. By doubling the cost of a spell or construct, they can double the effects of a spell or construct. The user can only use any of these effects once per post.


The user is immune from any mind-altering skills/abilities and mental intrusion (i.e rage inducement, mind-reading, possession). When any of these forces attempt to breach the user's mind, the user becomes aware of them. The user's senses can still be targeted by abilities or skills that affect the senses.


Merlin's Scholarship

Increases maximum MP by 50.

Exotic Studies

Increases maximum DP by 2.

Tactical Advantage

If applicable, the user can instantly switch positions with any of their items, abilities, constructs, summons, or skills, or the positions between any of the aforementioned with one another.

Focal Point

If applicable, the user can use items, spells, constructs, summons, or skills as a catalyst for magic, allowing him to use the aforementioned as casting points.  


Institute Of Salem

Increases maximum MP by 75.

Death Empowerment

When a summon, a sentient construct (or one that imitates life), or a person is summoned, created, or dies the effects of the user's spells and skills become more potent.


The user's body is restored from damage the more frequently they use magic.


Enforced Behavior

The more mana the user's base mana pool, the higher their END and SPE attribute.

Unwavering Dedication

The user gains appropriate increases to END and SPE based on how frequently and how much MP and/or DP they spend.



As a requirement to use this ability, the user must have 1000 MP in their base mana pool.

The user creates an explosion of darkness that extends 500 meters, with them at the epicenter. The darkness originates from their body and forces itself outward, causing unwieldy amounts of damage to anyone hit.

Once per topic.

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warlock manifesto
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