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 clumsy skeletons

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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: clumsy skeletons   Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:31 am

"What do you need again?"

"I've told you a hundred times already."

"And if you want me to get it right, then you're going to have to tell me a hundred more."

"A pinch of dandelion, a dash of chickweed, and a billing's root. Don't forget, again, the water must be shaken for two-three minutes before adding the ingredients." She listed, reluctantly.

"Yeah, yeah, I won't forget." He said, putting an unlit cigarette in his mouth, searching his person for a lighter.

"You shouldn't smoke." Regina remarked snidely, judging his actions.

"Or what? I'll die!?" He boisterously mocked, rolling his eyes. As he found the lighter, lit the cigarette, put the lighter away, dropped the cigarette, and stepped on it, he continued.

"If you're not content with my life choices, boy do I have a surprise for yo--"

"Haha. Yes. You're dead. It gets funnier every time you say it. Now stop dilly-dallying, we're wasting precious moments."

Snapping his fingers, a trio of skeletons pulled themselves out of the ground. They varied in size, but were all vaguely human. This was unfortunate, he really wanted to bring up some Dwarven skeletons, that was part of the fun of these other worlds, wasn't it? Disrespecting the bodies of the already dead, taking control of them, and forcing them to perform menial tasks in hopes they run into a family member or two on the way?

No, that wasn't it. He just thought Dwarves were tiny and cute.

Now it was time to delegate tasks, as to not have to do any of the menial work himself. You would think his assistant would be in charge of that, but she seemed to be in charge the of annoying-him-enough-until-he-did-things-committee.

"Alrighty, you'll get the..."


"Ah, yes. Right. And you'll get the...?"


"And you'll get the bullroot."

"The bil--"

"THE BILLING ROOT. YES. Please don't interrupt me, Regina, I'm trying to uphold my responsibilities here." He began, continually antagonizing her despite recalling the ingredients. Looking towards the skeletons, shooing them away. As they clumsily scattered, he began to whistle lightly as the rodent silently mourned her patience.

The undead looked fairly well kept today, having regenerated his body fully and wore clothing that actually seemed of this year. Make no mistake -- he was still a corpse, but he was a dapper one at that. Couldn't scare off the natives...except by sending skeletons to do your bidding. Huh, not his best idea.  

Wandering around, he decided he might as well do some searching as well. The skeletons weren't exactly the most competent of lackeys. Their skills were fairly limited to combat. And volleyball. Boy, did they have the illest spike game Rorschach has ever seen.
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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: Re: clumsy skeletons   Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:31 am

by Yukina on Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:19 pm

"Honestly Edward is it really that difficult?"

"Just once more miss, for good measure."

"A pinch of dandelion, a dash of chickweed and a billing's root. Got it? Good. Now go get it."

It was, in fact, the first time she had listed the ingredients to her trusted assistant. The other times she had simply been thinking about what she needed and thought that would've been enough but apparently not. Good help was so hard to find these days.

As Edward disappeared into the woods to find the ingredients, Yukina reclined in a chair they'd brought with them. Wearing nothing but a very small black bikini, the Witch Queen was taking the opportunity to soak up some rays while they were out of Port Royal. The pirate town had just been so gloomy lately, so who was to say she couldn't get some much needed vitamin D while also doing some arduous witch-work? It just seemed like good sense.

As the queen was sunning herself, Edward had already found the first ingredient: dandelion. A smug smile appeared as he approached the plant with a confident swagger. Closing in on the flora, Edward was almost upon it when...

Was that a skeleton?

Edward shrieked in fear. He hate, hate, hated undead. He had almost jumped out of his skin when he saw the thing, but didn't hesitate to run for his life once he'd registered what it was. She must have sent it! Not confident that he was capable enough to pick a few plants? He would've been offended if he wasn't so terrified, and he was much too busy running back to the clearing where he'd left her to even begin to consider what he might say.

"Yuuuuuukiiiiinaaaaaaaaa!" He screamed as he approached, which she responded to by opening one eye to peer at whatever was going on.

"Skeletons! You sent skeletons?!"

"Skele- what are you... what are you talking about?" She yawned. She'd been asleep.

"The skeletons you sent to collect the ingredients!"

"Edward, I didn't send any skeletons."

"Then who did...?"

Simultaneously, they peered back into the woods.

"Well," she said, rising up from her chair and draping herself in a black kimono, "go find out who it was." She jabbed him in the back, pushing back towards the forest.

"No, nope, not happening!" He retorted, wheeling back around so that he was behind her, edging her closer to the woods.

"Edward, it's not that I'm afraid it's just that you need to learn," she said, circling back around and pushing him closer once again. "Really it's nothing."

Except it was something, she hated skeletons. They were just so gross. It was no secret she had dabbled in necromancy, but she had always said she'd found the practice unnatural and wrong. Really it was just yuck.

"I'm not going back in there." Edward stated, with some finality.

"Yes, you are."

They would continue fighting like this for a while longer.
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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: Re: clumsy skeletons   Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:31 am

by Rorschach on Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:38 pm

The stroll through the woods was rather uninteresting. There were the typical, woodland creatures, which scurried away as he passed them. The breeze did him no favors, and the Sun was another aesthetic that he had no care for. He was undead, it wasn't as if he could enjoy the common pleasantry of warmth. Fortunately, a distraction provided themselves, freeing the warlock from this mundane monotony. There had been a rather loud yell, but it was somewhat difficult to decipher. Regardless, with wide, excited eyes, Rorschach turned hushed the silent rodent.

"You hear that?" He whispered, treading lightly as to not reveal himself.

"That's the sound of nature." He continued, proud with his natural affinity for the wild. Ah, yes. Adventure begins with terror. And what better way to shirk responsibility than by imposing on someone's adventure?

"Ror, that was s--."

"NATURE, REGINA. WE'VE BEEN OVER THIS." He exclaimed loudly. After a small pause, he began to walk normally in the direction he had been heading. There was no point in stealth now.

"Good job, Regina. You blew our cover."

"You're never in this good a mood. What's wrong with you?"

"I'm always in a good mood, you're just never this boring. I have to compensate for your normality."

"Yep. There it is. As always. Do you think offending people makes you cool? It just makes you an ass."

[color=olive"Hush. Our friend are here." [/color]He replied, ignoring her to acknowledge the pair he had come across. They seemed to be scuffling over something, but they'd likely stop upon noticing him, if they hadn't already.

They were a fairly attractive couple, or so he assumed, albeit the female was dressed a bit unconventionally, especially considering the world they were in. She also seemed high maintenance, where the male had a natural handsomeness to him, that seemed almost accidental. The perks of good genetics, eh?

Admittedly, Rorschach was curious to how he would have developed had he not studied in the Underworld. There was no purpose for Lichdom other than a few specific benefits, considering his body had been immortalized due to his father's determination. But these thoughts were fleeting, as he often dismissed his shallow concerns of human existence.

"Look, Regina, wildlife." He mocked, acting as a tourist would, creating fake binoculars with his hands to look through. The rodent sighed, continuing to ignore him for the day. Maybe his new playmates would be able to keep his attention for more than a couple minutes.
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PostSubject: Re: clumsy skeletons   

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clumsy skeletons
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