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 another salem?

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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: another salem?   Tue May 24, 2016 7:10 pm



Salem is a 5' 9" (170.18 cm) Undead Human, with a slim build.  

His irreparable heart follows the darkness. He is proficient in Time, Plant, and Water.

Stillborn on May 1st, Salem is a 19 years old.

Salem has been chosen by the Keyblade.




Salem is a social, jovial type. He is eager to explore and linger in the worlds, taking them in for what they are. He passionately treks environments, and is willing to bring anyone along for the journey, should they want to join.

He has a high affinity for pop culture, and is often be seen reading newspapers, gazettes, magazines, or whatever local media the world offers, digesting it rabidly. His attention is nigh impossible to keep, as he'll switch subjects sporadically and without warning. Salem defines his own path, treading the un-ventured wilds.

Salem dislikes dictation and authority, but will occasionally concede as to be accepted among his peers. He is a bit awkward, but not shy. He is merely trying his best to fit in despite culture shock.



Salem was miscarried, having never had the luxury of developing in the living world. When taken to the Underworld, he was kidnapped by an undisclosed, magically inclined assembly, who chose to raise him to expand their power.

He studied a variety of magics and theories, with a focus on necromancy and alchemy. However, due to the former, Salem perverted the nature of the latter. Focusing on these subjects, he wished to bring himself back to life, in attempts to return to a world he had never experienced. While he was grateful for sentience, he felt entitled to more.

Due to power struggles, the assembly split, giving Salem the freedom to explore vast possibility.  His research led to the path of the undead, his only viable option of traversing the living plane. And while he may never be human, he will at least experience life.  
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another salem?
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