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PostSubject: re:re:re:re:re:re:salem   Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:49 pm

[H]eartless || 23 yrs

5' 11" || 180.4 cm || Athletic

* Ocher eyes. Tan skin. White hair.



Salem is aligned to the Darkness and Space.



Salem is both clever and stubborn, able to create a variety of solutions to problems, but insists on banging his head against unmoving objects until they concede.

He is often non-negotiable, unless emotionally compromised. Salem chooses to follow and act from his heart, over his head. He has no issues admitting when he's wrong, but that doesn't mean he'll change who he is or how he operates; a fact he'll often remind you of. He's a young dog, who swears by his wisdom.

Despite Salem being rather talkative, it's very difficult to catch his attention, and even harder to keep it. He's a bit self absorbed, and finds it hard to find genuine interest in others, but when he does, he can become a bit clingy.

He believes in freedom and his choice to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Even if most of the time, it means doing nothing. He values being in control of people and situations, despite not liking to have authority held over him.

Salem is secure about himself as an individual, and does not lack confidence in his abilities.

He really likes sweets, but not chocolate.



Salem was born in a cathedral in Paris, to a single gypsy mother. Unfortunately, she did not survive the birth of her son. His cries attracted the attention of a middle aged, French man, who briefly contemplated murdering him before sensing his natural affinity for magicks.

As a fellow practitioner, he saw use in the child's potential. Despite this, he could not separate his disgust from his treatment, often abusing the child verbally, with the occasional, physical reprimand sprinkled in.

Throughout the years, the child learned of his culture through the repulsed eyes of the city and his abusive father. However, his ego spared his feelings. During his adolescent years, having heard the story of his birth, he rationalized his magical inclination as a god given gift for his survival.

And during this time period, he would be introduced to others of his age, as he furthered his education in the arcane arts. For the first 12 years of his life, he had been homeschool'd, but now he was sent to train with a group of equal leveled mages from a variety of different cultures. He quickly adapted to the concept of a larger, unexplored universe, as he was thrown into a space station -- The House of Agnes -- which orbited the worlds on a set trajectory.

He found interest in the beasts of the worlds, dedicating a majority of his academia to them. Eventually, he learned of more phantasmal beasts, made primarily of human instinct, caged within black magic. At the age of 18, he fled The Waterhouse, in a quest to claim the phantoms' immortality.

Two years into his research, Salem was given word of his father's death. And, despite his ill relationship with the French man, he mourned. He had supposedly died of natural causes, but Salem expected foul play.

Reminded of his mortality, he was filled with newfound vigor. He eventually came across a witch who gave him the answers he was looking for, and even informed him of side effects he had could not fathom. Despite understanding the consequences, he became a phantasmal spirit himself.

In his free time he continues to research and study mythical beasts, atop of keeping his gift honed and sharp. He also mingles with his kin, in an attempt to understand the species through his newfound perspective.
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