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 owen island opala

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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: owen island opala   Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:48 am


Basic Info

Name: Owen Opala
     Aliases: Newo
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Human
   Height: 5' 9"
   Weight: 140 lbs

STR | 1
CON | 5
AGI | 1
MAG | 0
SYN | 0


Owen is a simple island boy.

While he is content with the quality of his life, Owen struggles with his own identity. He's introverted, and periodically wanders alone, contemplating his life. What does he truly want? Is there a purpose to existing? Should he be striving for more?

His introversion used to manifest in crippling anxiety. He spent most of his life relying on his parents, whether it was to speak to a cashier or answer the phone. He never dared to raise his hand in class. Fortunately, he's outgrown his shyness. However, he still deals with the consequences of his youth, his independence hindered by coddling parents. Owen loves them to death, but they can be overbearing.

When digesting his emotions, he resorts to poetry. He prefers to read it, but spends a fair amount of time writing his own. He once had aspirations to write a book, but wasn't a fan of the commitment. He prefers to create concepts and settings than he does complex emotional narratives. He can't figure out himself, let alone a fictional character.

Owen wants people to like him, but is held back by his inability to restrain himself. Not only does he hold strong opinions and beliefs, he is also stubborn and non-negotiable. He won't force his thoughts down another's throat, but his unwillingness to compromise often leaves him to his own devices. He isn't loud, just blunt.

Whether he knows you or not, he'll open up and listen to anyone. He won't necessarily agree with their decisions or console them, but he'll be there to listen and offer his advice.


As an infant, Owen drifted onto the shores of Destiny Islands.

Other than the basket and blankets he was wrapped in, there were no mementos left by his previous caretakers. Found by an elderly couple, despite their age, they couldn't bring themselves to ignore the abandoned child. He grew up as their own.

Owen lived a largely uneventful life. He met his siblings, who were adults off on their own adventures, but loved him all the same. He made friends in school, and in the wilds of nature, where they spent most of their time playing games and creating stories. There was this girl. Once. It didn't work out, but they ended on decent enough terms. He'd still call her a friend.

Eventually, he was old enough to work and began to wash dishes at a local restaurant. He didn't need to, but he wanted to help pay the bills. His parents, Mima and Popo, occasionally push him to continue his education. But he doesn't really like to study. Owen loves his family, but he's been thinking about moving out soon.

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owen island opala
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