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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: bc   Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:35 am

Quote :

"Come what may."

-Elijah Collins

Quote :

Name: Elijah Collins
Age: 21
Birthday: 11/24
Height: 5' 10" (177.8 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (74.8 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Quote :


Quote :
Babyfaced and proud, Elijah is often mistaken for a teenager. What he lacks in facial hair he makes up in athleticism and gusto. His animated movements and giant, goofy grin will hide the occasional whiskers that appear above his lip. Whatever you do, do not make fun of him for this excuse of a mustache. He's been working on it all month and is trying his best.

Never mind, you're right. He should shave.

Elijah is clean shaven. Always. It's totally his decision. And there might have been this girl, once, that told him she really liked clean shaven men with messy hair. And perhaps he's taken that offhand comment to heart. But, really, who knows? Maybe he just ruffles his own hair when it's a tad too neat because he likes it that way. It's a great idea after all. Good thing he came up with it.

He has rather sharp features and a strong jawline. He prefers wearing darker colors, because he's rather untidy. Black is so much harder to stain. Yet for some reason, Elijah can't help but accentuate himself with pastels. Pragmatically, darker colors are optimal. But he has brown hair, brown eyes, and lightly tan skin. It's a tad drab. Pastels provide the perfect contrast.

The content of his clothing ranges wildly. Sometimes he'll don a suit, other times he'll wear a raggedy, old t-shirt.  It's all about the moment and who he's trying to impress. Or annoy. When it comes down to it, Elijah enjoys a minimalist aesthetic. Nobles are too gaudy for his liking.

Quote :

150 words

As you'd expect from a former noble, who willingly discarded his heritage, Elijah is anti-establishment and has trouble with authority. There are times where his needless defiance gets the better of him, but he usually remains composed. Yet he is ever compelled to antagonize.

Aside this deep seeded rage and need for rebellion, Elijah is rather jovial. He likes to like things, even if he acknowledges the things he likes are not very good. He walks with a bounce in his step and has a pleasant aura about him. Friendly and sociable, he likes to get mixed into other people's business. And if he finds himself imposing -- even better!

There's a thirst for knowledge that fuels his need for adventure. And unless he doesn't like you, which he is exceedingly vocal about, he usually won't turn one down.

Heart on sleeve
Likes to get involved in other people's business
Search for knowledge
Wants to know about demons
a noble, yet anti establishment

Quote :

200 words

Quote :

Character Perks:
(Copy and Paste Character Perk codes from the character Perks list, also include Perks you may receive from choosing certain magic specializations.)
Quote :

Grimoire Tier: Gold

Elemental Type: Diamond

Magic Specialization: (List your magic specializations, unless you pick triple specialization you should only have 2)

Combat Style: (Describe how your character fights in battle. Are they always on the offense? Do they prefer sticking defensive wise? Or are they a healer who stays away from fighting in general? 50 wordcount minimum)

Quote :

Quote(s): (If you'd like to write more quotes from or about your character.
Quote :

Trivia: (Any other information you'd like to add)
Quote :

Face Claim: (Your characters faceclaim.)
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