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PostSubject: ec / bc    Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:26 am

Quote :
"Come what may."

-Elijah Collins

Quote :
Name: Elijah Collins
Age: 22
Birthday: 11/28
Height: 5' 10" (177.8 cm)
Weight: 175 lbs (79.3 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Quote :


Quote :
Babyfaced and proud, Elijah is often mistaken for a teenager. What he lacks in facial hair he makes up in athleticism and gusto. His animated movements and giant, goofy grin will hide the occasional whiskers that appear above his lip. Whatever you do, do not make fun of him for this excuse of a mustache. He's been working on it all month and is trying his best.

Never mind, you're right. He should shave.

Elijah is clean shaven. Always. It's totally his decision. And there might have been this girl, once, that told him she really liked clean shaven men with messy hair. And perhaps he's taken that offhand comment to heart. But, really, who knows? Maybe he just ruffles his own hair when it's a tad too neat because he likes it that way. It's a great idea after all. Good thing he came up with it.

He has rather sharp features and a strong jawline. Elijah is rather untidy, which would lend his wardrobe to darker colors, as they're harder to stain. However, he can't help but accentuate himself with pastels, as they bring out his eyes. And how could he take that away from the world?

The content of his clothing ranges wildly. Sometimes he'll don a suit, other times he'll wear a raggedy, old t-shirt.  It's all about the moment and who he's trying to impress. Or annoy. When it comes down to it, Elijah enjoys a minimalist aesthetic. Nobles are too gaudy for his liking.

Quote :
As you'd expect from a former noble, who willingly discarded his heritage, Elijah is anti-establishment and has trouble with authority. There are times where his needless defiance gets the better of him, but he usually remains composed. Yet he is ever compelled to antagonize.

Aside this deep seeded rage and need for rebellion, Elijah is rather jovial. He likes to like things, even if he acknowledges the things he likes are not very good. He walks with a bounce in his step and has a pleasant aura about him. Friendly and sociable, he likes to get mixed into other people's business. And if he finds himself imposing -- even better!

There's a thirst for knowledge that fuels his need for adventure. And unless he doesn't like you, which he is exceedingly vocal about, he usually won't turn one down. If you propose an adventure that's just too alluring, he might even look past his distaste.

Elijah was not always socially adept. When he was younger, he had a naive streak and trouble empathizing with other people. It took years of studying and rubbing people the wrong way to get the hang of social interaction. Because of this, he has a tendency to overanalyze situations or completely miss obvious details that a more well-adjusted individual would pick up on. There's always fun in trying, though.

Quote :
Born into a lower class of nobles, Elijah is the middle of three children. In a home of two
studious sisters with large ambition,
his parents had already prepared the course of his life. They assumed these compliant genes were all but inherited, as he even took an eager interest in learning from a young age.

Unfortunately, while he was interested in learning, he didn't care to apply his knowledge in any conventional means. He often opposed his tutors, and eventually his parents. There was an innate need to argue within him. And the more he misunderstood the more he was compelled.

The arguments eventually culminated into discerning where his family derived their power. They were 'nobles' who were able to look down on the peasants, yet were looked down upon by other nobles. And for what reason? Because society valued the strength of ones magic and wealth more than the strength of their ideas?

Outraged at the premise, he abandoned his family when he received his grimoire. Their unending support and attempts at understanding did not matter, Elijah refused to exploit and be exploited by the system. Homeless, he moved between groups, following any whim that overcame him, careful to not step on anyone's toes.

Through his adventures his ideals were reinforced through the disparity of living between the social classes. He ultimately wants to disassemble the current interpretation of the 'magic knights.'

Quote :

Character Perks:
Mana Conservationist:
Extra Specialization:

Quote :

Grimoire Tier: Gold

Elemental Type: Shadow | Chosen

Magic Specialization:

  • Attack Creation
  • Defense Creation
  • ???

Combat Style: Elijah uses tactical positioning and pokes to analyze the opponents neutral game. By playing relatively safe early on, he can test his opponents reactions and ranges to eventually deduce their strategy.

If there are no immediate holes in their game plan, he will do his best to exploit their habits and patterns. If they prove themselves an adept opponent, who disguises their intentions, he will try to account for their mix ups to outplay them.

If he is completely outclassed, he will try to force a game of rock-paper-scissors, limiting options both parties have to lower the power disparity.

Regardless of the situation, he likes to chain spells to switch the tempo of the fight frequently enough to throw his opponents of their natural rhythm.

Quote :
Quote(s): N/A
Quote :

  • Despite primarily operating with his right hand, Elijah writes with his left.
  • Elijah is musically inclined, as he can sing, play guitar, and play piano.
  • Even though he isn't particularly gifted at it, he thoroughly enjoys boardgames.

Quote :
Face Claim: Lance McClain, Voltron
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