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 Salem Halle ||

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Dr. Wattson


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PostSubject: Salem Halle ||    Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:32 am

Salem Halle || October 15th || Seventeen || Human

5' 8" || 172.72 cm || Slender
[X] [X] [X]

Due to only having one natural eye, his accuracy is far worse than the average warrior of his caliber.

Salem has a moderate resistance to physical, magical, and mental attacks, for a being of his caliber.

Most of Salem's potential is amplified by items or weaponry, otherwise, he is borderline inept.

Salem has nigh perfect control of his body and reaction time. His flexibility and peak speed, however, are average.
*Stats excluded are assumed to be average.

|| Indictus ||

A physical manifestation of Salem's latent power, this obsidian blade gives him access to the advanced forms of magics he possesses. This weapon can be constructed or deconstructed on a whim. If held by another, they do not gain access to his power, as it only amplifies what is within the wielder.

The blade is 2 feet or 60.96 cm in length, with a handle primarily meant for one-handed use. As a magical sword, it is not made of metal. Instead, it is made of space magic, which has been crafted similarly to replicate the affects of a metal weapon.

|| The Glass Eye ||

Due to being born blind in one eye, he had undergone surgery to remove it. This glass eye is enchanted and acts as magical compensation for his impaired vision, increasing his accuracy, in the immediate area, phenomenally. Unlike his normal eye, it does not require light to see. Due to magics, it is difficult to differentiate between the organic eye and this one.

|| Magic Perception ||

Salem can sense magical energies with relative ease. Despite being unable to coax most of his own out of his body, he can sense, and differentiate, between other magics with great precision.

|| Ghost Walker ||

Salem is able to become, and make other objects, intangible. When something is made intangible, it remains as such until all objects foreign to the original are expelled. This prevents two objects from potentially inhabiting the same space.

|| Mind Scrape ||

Salem is able to perform acts of telekinesis, both subtly and aggressively. He is also able to create translucent objects, such as weaponry or platforms for him to stand on.

|| Polarity Shift ||

Salem is able to walk on any surface, regardless of plane or angle. This gives him the ability to walk on walls, ceilings, or even the air. He can also choose which cardinal direction is 'down', potentially making the ceiling his 'floor', having gravity pull him in that direction, opposed to what normally constitutes as 'down'.

|| Translocation ||

The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. Depending on the need, he can do this multiple ways. If necessary, he can bring people along or teleport others, or objects, without himself.

|| Gravity Lift ||

Salem is able to create points in space where there is a dense sphere, creating gravitational pull. The strength, and duration, of the pull varies on the effort exerted. Typically, the closer he is to the point, the easier it is to create.

|| Terraforming ||

Salem can manipulate earth, rock, and minerals. Typically, he uses his body as an extension for the manipulation, but he isn't restricted to such. He can also sense vibrations within the Earth for a radar-like ability.

|| Cobblestone Ambush ||

Salem is able to create a perimeter where, when entered, rocks home in on the intruder. The rocks attack upon entry and do not distinguish between friend, foe, or caster.

|| Reconstruction ||

Although not a dramatic increase to his healing properties, a natural aspect of Salem's body is its innate ability to heal properly, even without restorative magics.

|| Nature's Appendage ||

Salem can conjure vines from different parts of his body, which are controlled similarly to his other appendages.

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Salem Halle ||
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