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PostSubject: m.o   Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:21 am

 "Once you go black magic, you never go back."
-Miranda Owen,



Name: Miranda Owen
Age: 23 yrs
Birthday: 11/14
Height: 5' 9" | 175.2 cm
Weight: 140 lbs | 61.2 kg
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Brown


   When you look at Miranda, you will immediately notice her untamed, green hair. Believe it or not, it is her god-given, natural hair color. As are her thick, black eyebrows, which rest above her almond-brown eyes. Miranda's heart-shaped face is decorated with her mother's delicate nose and pouty lips.

   The witch is attractive and she knows it. She has a thin frame with enough curves to stress her femininity. Her legs are long and powerful, the type you use to run from trouble. If she could change herself in one way, she would build more muscle. She's never liked how frail she looks.

    Miranda wears ragged clothing. Income was scarce; she could not afford finer fashion. She says she likes to look good so she can feel good, but she is only as meticulous as she is to avoid looking poor. If she is well groomed enough, people might look past her hand-me-downs.

   But she wouldn't let a couple of holes in her shirt deter her from wearing an outfit she's in love with. And you'd be damned if she'd let someone know how their opinion affects her.


   Miranda is audacious. Her upbringing has given her an almost compulsive defiance of authority. In her younger years, she would bite off more than she could chew, unable to exert any self-control. While having matured, her anti-establishmentarianism  remains. But, she has learned to unload the gun of any ammunition that would otherwise find itself lodged in her feet.

   Her rebellion extends beyond a snarky, uncompromising attitude. She wants to disassemble the government, as they enable class disparity. Despite her upbringing, she does not share the same naiveté as her immediate peers. You cannot make incremental change from within, you must destroy it altogether and build anew.

   Yet, Miranda understands the solution to these problems are beyond her. She does not have the education or foresight to create a better government. Her strengths lie in giving those with the power to help the people a platform and opportunity to do so. Not everyone has the stomach to do what needs to be done. For some, it is the inability to behead a man. For her, it is the inability to sit through paperwork.

   But Miranda still has a long way to go. She is rash and judgmental, forming opinions on others with little to no information. First impressions are everything, and she rarely gives people a fair chance. She is a slave to her preconceived biases. All the while, caring about how her peers perceive her.

     Even with all her ambition, she is a fickle girl with a penchant for self-sabotage. Miranda enjoys adventures, socializing, and having fun. But she can ruin a moment at the drop of a hat should someone rub her the wrong way. She is vocal about whether she dislikes someone or something they did. This can often put a strain on her relationships. And when it does, don't be surprised if she is too stubborn to forgive the transgressor.


   Miranda was born in the slums to two, selfish parents. They had come from poor families themselves, and saw children as a ticket out of poverty. In a society that valued magical power, all the feeble could do was gamble for a better future. They loved their children, but that is irrelevant if you are not responsible enough to take care of them. The Owens were birds kicking their chicks off a branch in hopes they would spread their wings.

   She was one of many children neglected in favor of her parents drug addiction. But it was hard to miss them, since they were never around. The elder half of the Owen siblings raised the younger half. Miranda, who fell somewhere in the middle, never viewed her parents as her caretakers. Although, their absence bothered her more than she liked to admit.

   Miranda was not the only Owen resentful of the government, but she was the most active. In her teenage years she joined a gang, much to her siblings chagrin. With newfound company, she found herself in trouble more often than not. She was never particularly brave, some might even call her a coward, but there was a thrill to rebellion.

   When she reached adulthood, she left the gang. In pursuit of greater purpose, she had outgrown them. They were content with their petty crimes and day to day living. They were not the same caliber of dreamer Miranda was. However, they were far more understanding than her family was. She left them on good terms.

   However, her family had mixed reactions. They understood her intentions. She did not want to endanger her family with her extremist actions. Yet, they did not necessarily condone her path. The eldest in particular held the stance that one person could not change the world. He felt Miranda needed to 'grow up and accept the life for what it was.'

   And that broke her heart the most. Clover Kingdom systematically eliminated hope. Whatever terms she left on were not enough to deter her from what needed to be done.

Combat Ability

Character Perks:

Bought (0/3):
Mana Conservationist:
Sinister Magic:
Black Mage:

Hex Specialist:
Attack Specialist:

Grimoire Tier: Bronze

Elemental Type: Water | Chosen

Magic Specialization:

  • Hex and Curse
  • Attack Creation

Combat Style:uh


Quote(s): N/A

  • Miranda is left handed.
  • Miranda has a sweet tooth.
  • Miranda is proficient at reading lips.

Face Claim: Lottie Person, Snotgirl (Comic book).

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